What’s Your Rape I.Q?

1.    Why do men rape women?

A.    Sexually starved
B.    Crazy
C.    To overpower and humiliate someone else


2.    Knives and other weapons are usually involved in rape.   T.   F.


3.    The place rape usually happens is?

A.    Home
B.    Bush
C.    Dark places


4.    Men can be raped.   T.   F.


5.    Most people are raped by?

A.    Someone they know
B.    A stranger


6.    Rape is only a big city problem.     T.     F.


7.    People are asking to be raped when they

A.    Wait for lifts
B.    Wear sexy clothing
C.    None of the above


8.    You can tell if someone is a rapist by looking at him.   T.     F.


9.    The age of most rapists is?

A.    65 and older
B.    35 – 65
C.    35 and younger


10.Women often accuse innocent men of rape.     T.     F.

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