AIDS: Teens’ Responsibilities

The four letters “AIDS” stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The word “Immune” refers to the defence system of the body which helps us to fight all kinds of diseases.

AIDS is caused by a virus, tiny organism invisible to the eye which is called HIV- Human Immune- deficiency Virus. This virus attacks the immune (defence) system of the body. At present, there is no cure for AIDS and no vaccine to prevent it, but the search continues and let us hope, it will soon bear fruit.

What is our responsibility regarding AIDS? This was one of the numerous questions I was always asked by co- students as the Social Director of the Anti- AIDS Club, St. Louis College, Jos. My reply?

“Dear Friends, as we all know AIDS is incurable. This then tells us that we all have responsibility regarding AIDS. The responsibility differs in ways and degrees according to our circumstances. Some measures which we take to help prevent the spread of AIDS are:

  1. We should learn more about AIDS, what causes it and how it can prevented. This can be done by studying the facts about AIDS in literature.
  2. We should share our knowledge about AIDS with other teenagers, keeping in mind those who cannot read; endeavor to share your knowledge with them.
  3. Delay sexual intercourse till marriage and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Married teenagers should remain faithful to their partners.
  5. Do not deprive young children of the limited knowledge they need to avoid the danger of AIDS.
  6. Boys : BEWARE of the danger of “sugar mummies” and Girls, BEWARE of “sugar daddies”. They too can give you AIDS.
  7. Those who are already sexually active can choose abstinence as their best option against AIDS. However, if they cannot abstain, they should please use Condoms.
  8. Do not take injections from just anybody or anywhere unsterilized needles spread AIDS.
  9. To AIDS carriers: Help them Encourage those who are HIV positive and still healthy to live busy, fruitful lives and be friendly with them.
  10. Encourage people with full blown AIDS to get treatment for ordinary ailments. They need love, compassion and understanding especially from the relatives. Whenever possibly encourage them to eat good food and participate in non- exerting daily activities. Do not neglect them. The problems of carrier and persons with AIDS, both married and unmarried are great. Let us try in all ways possible to relieve their sufferings and most all:

Let’s prevent the spread of AIDS and make the World  a better place to live in. Join the Anti- AIDS Campaign. Save a life today!”

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