March 2010

Life Strategies for Teens

Vol 18. No. 1

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Growing Up is published quarterly in Lagos, Nigeria by Action Health Incorporated (AHI).

AHI is a non-profit organization working in Nigeria to provide adolescents access to the much needed reproductive health education, life-planning skills and services as a major step towards addressing the high incidence of unintended teenage pregnancy, related school dropout, clandestine abortions, sexually transmitted disease/AIDS and related deaths.

Growing Up is available free of charge to teenagers and other individuals working to promote teenagers health and development. Readers are invited to contribute views, articles, letters, and photos for publication. Articles may be quoted or reprinted from Growing Up provided proper credit is given to AHI.

Publisher Trustees Contributors
Action Health Incorporated (AHI)
Vol. 18 No. 1 March 2010
  • Dr. Adebunmi Odiakosa
  • Rev. (Dr.) Chris Omeben
  • Dr. Adebola Okiosor
  • Dr. Uwem U. Esiet
  • Mr. Yemi Ogunbiyi
  • Mr. Olu Lutherking
  • Mrs. ‘Nike O. Esiet
  • Awomodu Gbenga
  • Idongensit Young
  • Etim Agnes
  • Atunbi Bukola
  • Cameron-Cole Babajide
  • Faseyi Adeola
Cover Photo Graphic Design & Layout Print Production
  • Izuchukwu Ubazuo
  • Simbiat Razak
  • Action Health Incorporated
  • Fine Print Limited

All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor, Growing Up
Action Health Incorporated
PO Box 803, Yaba
Lagos, Nigeria

Special Thanks

This edition of Growing Up was produced with support from the support from the Population Programme, MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, Illinois.

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